Evidence Eraser Review

By Josephine Baumgardner

Technology has given rise to inventions such as the computer and the internet. All these things are seen as necessities in the very fast paced life that we live in. We rely on computers and the internet for a slew of things that we have to get done.

But we do not really know much of what goes on behind the surface.

What we do not really know is that whenever we browse the internet and go to websites that require us to key in personal information is that our computer actually keeps tabs on these things and collects all those data and stores it in our hard disk.

Because we do not find these files in our desktops, we do not really know of such things.

And it does not stop there, our computers also store information that we save in our computers offline. Even if we try to delete these files from our recycle bins, a back up copy of the file is stored in our hard disk somewhere which is just waiting for someone to discover it.

I do not have to tell you how dangerous it is for information to fall into the wrong hands in this time and age. Identity theft has long been a growing problem.

If you are somebody who shares his computer with somebody else, you will have to do something to make sure that none of your personal information leaks out to other people.

The good side of things is that simple software can do the trick.

A computer user only has to install an evidence eraser program. What an evidence eraser program does is to scan your system and delete all the files that you do not want to be retrieved. This kind of software is parallel to what different government agencies use to clean their computers.

What an evidence eraser also does is to clean out different history folders that you have. You can successfully remove files from your internet history, history of opened documents, and also your internet cache and temp files folder. - 32379

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