Forensic Nursing Information - What You Need To Know

By Jeremiah Newman

Crime scene investigators are the first individuals allowed to touch dead people's body at the spot where they were first discovered. The lead CSI observes and from what he saw, he concludes foul play. That's homicide TV for you there. As we see them geeks strut through the laboratory with all those gadgets to get evidence from the littlest of substances or debris we can't assist but admire them, and possibly daydream of being them. Forensic nursing is a little something like that. Read on for more on forensic nursing info.

Forensic nursing is a new specialty area in nursing practice that's fast gaining popularity even across nations. It's recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA). The International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) is the group that helps promote and develop the field further.

Forensic nurses take charge of investigating the causes of mortality or death in so numerous settings. Their responsibilities include:

* Collection of evidence from the suspect and victim

* Testify in court using evidence gathered as a fact witness or as an expert witness

* Know how to correctly handle evidence

* Conduct forensic photography

* Serve as bridge between health treatment and legal systems Some forensic nursing info you should know about:

A forensic nurse should be skillful in making observations, documentations, and preservation of all evidences, which can help solve a criminal case. Forensic nursing is really a broad science that covers sub-specialties like sexual assault, death investigation, psychiatric care, and medical-legal consultations. Here are the numerous kinds of forensic nurses:

- Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist

- Forensic Nurse Investigator

- Nurse Coroner or Death Investigator

- Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

- Legal Nurse Consultant

- Forensic Gerontology Specialist

- Forensic Psychiatric Nurse

- Correctional Nursing Specialist

Crime-related situations have time and again proven the importance of forensic nursing. Owing to the skills of the forensic nurse to provide health care, they are most particularly required in establishing the concrete foundation to a more stable and efficient justice and legal system.

Violence may be the usual root of all forensic nursing cases. This presents itself in numerous forms like verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, animal cruelty, destruction of property, sexual assault or rape, homicide, and so many more. There is no particular victim profile since anybody could be one. You can find kids aged 2 who turn out to be victims. The same age group of kids can also manifest signs of violent behavior. In a crime, victims can turn out to be the perpetrators too.

Forensic nursing info can't be summarized in a few sentences or paragraphs, but still, it would be helpful to know even these basic things that were cited here. - 32379

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Forensic Nursing Degree - Getting The Right Forensic Nurse Education

By Jeremiah Newman

Forensic Nursing Degree is one of the newest specialty areas recognized by the American Nurses Association. It involves working with law enforcement officials to aid in the investigation of crimes such as abuse, accidental death and assault.

They also collect evidence from the survivors of the violent crime as well as the suspect so a case could be made and justice can be served. You see, getting a forensic nursing degree can also be quite daunting but if youre the kind of person that goes for this kind of work, you'll be rewarded with financial freedom.

Because crimes happen almost everyday even when the suspect is already in prison, forensic nursing requires lots of manpower. Just to give you an idea, there's a Correctional Nursing Specialist, Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist, Forensic Gerontology Specialist, Forensic Nurse Investigator, Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, Nurse Coroner/Death Investigator and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

The largest subspecialty of forensic nursing is sexual assault, closely followed by death investigation, forensic psychiatric nursing and medical-legal consulting. If you have a masters degree in forensic nursing, you may have more than just these responsibilities and privileges.

When sexual assault or rape occurs, it's the job of the forensic nurse to collect evidence and take pictures so whoever is responsible could be caught. This is done by cross referencing the DNA sample into the criminal database system assuming that the 1 who did it has a criminal record. If the victim knows who did it, a DNA sample can be collected from the suspect and if it is match, then an arrest is made.

In terms of death investigation, the forensic nurse assists the pathologist in determining the cause of death of the victim. In some areas, this individual is already the coroner.

Forensic psychiatric nursing is all about giving a convict or a suspect a psychiatric evaluation. This will determine if he or she is fit for trial. Inmates who have been released who've been pardoned and released from prison might also need to do the same test so they can find work.

Forensic nurse education is a critical part in succeeding in the field of forensic nursing.

In order for you to become a forensic nurse, you've to enroll in a program offered by a university which focuses on the criminal justice program, forensic mental health, interpersonal violence, perpetrator theory and victimology.

Can you shift to forensic nursing after working for some time as a registered nurse? The answer is yes. You should just pass the exam that's given by the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Aside from helping law enforcement officials solve a crime or help a victim, forensic nursing is also useful in other fields. These include tissue and organ donation, pediatrics and in a correctional institution.

In tissue and organ donation, the forensic nurse will talk to the family of the potential donor. When they agree, he or she will fill up the legal paperwork so everything is properly documented.

In pediatrics, forensic nurses are present to assist and give comfort who've been victims of abuse and neglect.

Forensic nurses who work in correctional facilities are there to perform health screenings, educate inmates on various wellness related topics, manage acute illness and injuries, dispense medication and offer acute and chronic assessments.

There's a lot you are able to do if you've forensic nursing degree online. You just need to see what opportunities suit you most then go for it. - 32379

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Forensic Nursing Programs - How Forensic Nursing Associations Help

By Jeremiah Newman

Forensic nursing is in boom in recent months. This is primarily because of the rise of forensic nursing programs that enable nurses to get their forensic nursing program certificates without the time consuming hassles.

Nurses as we know, assist patients and doctors in the field of health care and care giving. As the world becomes more and more exposed to crimes, the role of the nurse evolved. A new branch of nursing has grown and this really is a profession, which covers medical care and judicial or legal assistance at the same time. These new breed of professionals convene in what is known as a forensic nursing association.

Forensic nurses practice this newest form of forensic science where they gather evidences associated to a crime that may have been committed on a patient. The forensic info they gather can be used during trials, which may also call them as professional witnesses.

Forensic nursing plans are primarily geared towards helping victims of violence by producing the evidences that will help solve the crime. The conventional way to investigate on a patient is to have several individuals approach and ask questions. These are the social workers, doctors, police, FBI agent, etc. The victim, who may still be traumatized, will only feel worst because the recaps of the crime will need to be repeated over and over again. This could be addressed by having just one person do everything from beginning to end of the investigation. Beginning being, evidence gathering and end being, court trials and possible justice for the victim. The forensic nurse could be all these with the help of forensic nursing on the internet programs.

Forensic nurse practitioners take charge of cases of abuse and violent crimes and oftentimes, these nurses find their work truly enjoyable and very much rewarding. Owe it to the popularity of related TV programs on cable, or owe it to the increasing crime rate, more and more clinic nurses who really feel they could qualify, are enrolling in certification programs. In addition, forensic nurse salaries are too good to pass on.

The American Nurses Association recognizes this new field that's fast becoming popular. Nurses who just graduated in addition to the really experienced Registered Nurses can consider this as their career path.

Many experts see the demand for the forensic nurses to grow and grow. This ought to be a cause for alarm because the growth of these special nurses mean there is growing crime rate in the country but that's practically why the field got conceptualized.

Organizations like the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) have been created to lead this budding group of forensics professionals. Associations like the IAFN provide services to help develop the area. They implement programs that promote the science, and disseminate necessary info about the new practice.

Members of these organizations are registered nurses that are into forensic nursing activities like:

* Scientific investigation of a evidences gathered

* Providing treatment to patients who are traumatized

* Handling interpersonal violence cases like sexual assault, abuses of all kinds, and domestic violence

* Investigation of death

* Managing forensic psychiatric instances

* Correctional nursing in prisons or rehabilitation centers

Most forensic nurses have major roles in the following venues: special hospital units, offices of the medical examiners or coroners, law enforcement agencies, social service units of the government, and other related institutions. This new area has indeed opened more doors for all nurses worldwide.

A forensic nursing programs online play a big role in the development of this really significant aspect of forensics, judicial, and medical systems in the society. These groups might be the best media to assist in the fight against violence and crimes. - 32379

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